Our team

We are a team of 19 future engineers from École des Mines de Paris dedicated to bringing your projects to fruition.

Organisation Junior Entreprise Ecole Mines Paris

A Junior Enterprise

We are a student association whose mission is to carry out projects for companies.

  • A structure accredited by CNJE ensuring compliance with the legal framework through an annual audit.

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    Costs that defy all competition for quality services within the renowned setting of Mines Paris.

  • A multidisciplinary and committed student team ensuring the completion and monitoring of your projects.

The different departments

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Presidency, Treasury, and Secretary General

The president, treasurer, secretary general, and vice president make up the board of JuMP and ensure the proper functioning and sustainability of the junior enterprise. While the president serves as the leader and legal representative of JuMP, the vice president is responsible for the quality management system and action plan. The treasury manages the budget, and the secretary general ensures smooth administrative functioning.

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Commercial Development Department

Prospecting and upstream support

The Commercial Development Department will accompany you from the first contact to the drafting of your quote and will take care of selecting a qualified consultant for the proposed mission. They will be your first point of contact when you reach out to JuMP!

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Studies Department

Mission Monitoring and Supervision

The Studies Department takes care of accompanying the client and the consultant from the beginning to the end of the project. It is responsible for drafting and signing the contractual documents and then ensures to monitor the progress of the project from the consultant's side, informing the client accordingly. In case of any issues, the Studies Department acts as an intermediary between the client and the consultant and adjusts the previously signed documents accordingly through addendums. Once the project is completed, it sends a satisfaction questionnaire to the client and requests the pedagogical report from the consultant to improve the process!

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Head of Information Systems

Site Maintenance and Consulting

A true pillar of the JE's online presence, their role involves developing and updating the website, as well as making decisions regarding the enhancement of the Junior's digital skills. They also serve as a valuable source of advice to support consultants during missions that require programming and IT skills.

The École des Mines de Paris and its research centers

  • Qu est ce que Junior Entreprise Ecole Mines Paris

    The École des Mines de Paris is one of the largest engineering schools in France. Its excellent training ensures high-level consultants who can bring your projects to fruition. The École des Mines de Paris is a founding member of PSL, the top French university and a top 50 university worldwide in all rankings.

  • Centres Recherche Partenaires Junior Entreprise Mines Paris

    The School owns 18 research centres in France specialising in Energy and Processes, Mechanics and Materials, Mathematics and Systems and much more! The researchers at these centres will be able to provide their advice to student speakers for the benefit of high-quality interventions.

Junior PSL

JuMP is a founding member of the JPSL partnership between the Junior-Entreprises of PSL University. By pooling our experience, skills and studies, this partnership enables us to learn from each other and better meet the expectations of all our customers.

Dauphine Junior Conseil
EY Sponsor Junior Entreprise Mines Paris
EY Sponsor Junior Entreprise Mines Paris
PCA Junior-Entreprise ESPCI

Our partners

The Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprise (CNJE), EY, Eleven and Mantu strengthen our structure, in particular by regularly organising training sessions for members of the Board of Directors.

Association Nationale Junior Entreprise Partenaire
EY Sponsor Junior Entreprise Mines Paris
EY Sponsor Junior Entreprise Mines Paris
EY Sponsor Junior Entreprise Mines Paris