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Our strategy offerings

Optimisation logistique Junior Entreprise Mines Paris


Our people carry out your logistics optimisation (delivery flow optimisation, storage optimisation, etc) for the best value for money.

Etude de marche Junior Entreprise Mines Paris

Market research

Our people have the necessary skills to conduct market research and competitive analysis in all areas of engineering.

Optimisation strategie Junior Entreprise Mines Paris

Strategic studies

We coordinate projects to optimise the strategy of your business. A detailed analysis of your objectives will enable us to recruit the best people.

Analyses statistiques / data analysis Junior Entreprise Mines Paris

Statistical analysis

Backed by their solid mathematical background and expertise in the field, our staff carry out your statistical analysis to guide your decisions.

How a strategy assignment works

  • Fonctionnement Junior Entreprise Mines Paris

    Needs assessment

    We get to know your specifications and your deadline and/or budget requirements

  • Déroulement projet Junior Entreprise Mines Paris

    Choice of consultant

    We recruit our consultants on the basis of interviews after checking their skills.

  • Organisation Junior Entreprise Mines Paris

    Development of the technical solution

    We'll work out a solution to your needs with the contractor.

  • Suivi d'étude Junior Entreprise Mines Paris

    Study follow-up

    A project manager coordinates the various stages of the project and ensures that quality and deadlines are met.

Case study: strategy coaching

CAs client strategie benchmark Junior Entreprise Mines Paris

Confidential benchmark

A benchmark focusing on innovation and R&D

The study consisted of a competitive benchmark of innovation strategies. Information was gathered from websites and at trade fairs. Data sheets were drawn up for each player, using indicators to evaluate the data collected, and a summary presentation was made to the client company's innovation players.

Duration: 2 months